MIT REAP (Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program) was launched 10 years ago as an initiative of the most famous technology university of the USA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its main goal is to provide participants from all over the world with the opportunity to cooperate with MIT.

Participants can strengthen their innovation-driven entrepreneurial (IDE) ecosystems in their own regions, and can get into the forefront of innovation in the world using MIT's several decades old, evidence-based, practical approach.

MIT REAP has helped over 70 regions worldwide in strategize and execute initiatives that contribute to their economic growth, job creation, and social progress.


participants so far





Hungarian participants of the MIT REAP

Hungarian National Bank

The central bank of Hungary began its operations in 1924. Its primary goal is to achieve and maintain price stability. It operates as a joint-stock company, and its owner (shareholder) is the Hungarian state. In addition to its core activities, it is also committed to supporting Hungarian innovation in various sectors beyond fintech.

Budapest University of Technology & Economics

The University of Technology, founded in 1782, has been the number one technical higher education institution in the country for 240 years. Today, with 8 faculties and more than 24,000 students, it is one of the largest universities in Hungary. The engineers, economic and natural science specialists who are the custodians of the present and future of Hungary's leading companies complete their studies here. Its business development training is based on the book "Disciplined Entrepreneurship" by Bill Aulet.

National Research, Development and Innovation Office

The Office was established in 2014 with the aim of creating a stable institutional system for governmental coordination and predictable financing of domestic research, development and innovation, in order to implement the efficient and transparent use of available resources. NKFIH supports the scientific and innovation ecosystem in order to build a competitive Hungary.

Oncompass Medicine Hungary Kft.

Oncompass Medicine is a Hungarian medical company that develops diagnostic and decision support medical devices for the personalized treatment of cancer patients. Its researchers are developing a medical software system that aims to help select the most appropriate targeted drug based on the molecular genetic alterations of cancer patients.

77 Elektronika Kft.

Since 1986, 77 Elektronika Kft. has been manufacturing self-developed medical electronic products, mainly blood sugar measuring systems, urine testing devices and their reagents, for personal and laboratory use. The company's activities include the design of its products, mechanical, hardware and software development, while it has a significant production capacity and commercial organization. The four-person family business has become a large company employing more than 700 people, one of the largest companies in the Hungarian health industry, which exports its self-developed medical diagnostic products to 100 countries around the world.

4iG Nyrt.

4iG Nyrt., headquartered in Budapest and with a Hungarian majority ownership background, is a dominant corporate group in the telecommunications and IT market of Hungary and the Western Balkan region, and one of the leading companies in the knowledge-based, digital economy. The fresh and innovative approach of the capital market company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, as well as its position as Hungary’s market-leading IT system integrator, elevates the company group to the leading residential and business service provider of the region’s digital transformation. The company’s cross-border specialist and knowledge base together with its capital strength form a solid foundation for becoming a decisive market player. Thanks to its dynamic expansion strategy, 4iG has become a key player in Hungary and the telecommunications market of the Western Balkans.

Design Terminal

Design Terminal, as the leading innovation agency in Central Europe, is an important actor in the ecosystem of Hungary. It organizes incubation programs in 12 countries. Since 2014 they have worked with more than 2,500 startups and leading companies in many industries within the framework of more than 250 innovation programs. The agency is constantly looking for talents and supports them in business development during diverse professional programs.

The Goal of Hungary in the Program

Hungarian actors participate in the program under the name: Scale-Up Hungary.

The goal of the team is to bring the latest and best international practices into Hungary's innovation ecosystem. That way the country can climb higher in the international innovation rankings. By completing the program, we have the chance to become one of the European success stories that MIT can refer to as an outstanding international example.

Such a success story comes from Campania region of Italy. They managed to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship capacities of the southern region of the country based on a four pillar strategy.